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11-20-09, 10:26 PM
New member so please be patient if I missed a previous post on this topic. (I tried looking)
My year 2000 Seadoo Challenger 2000 with the M2 Jet Drive 240hp EFI is smoking excessively on start-up. The oil used is Quicksilver Premium Plus for 2 stroke engines. After a 5 minutes of running it calms down; however, if I go back to idle the engine will smoke a little but not excessively. When at power above idle the engine runs very smoothly. Is this simply a adjustment issue with the oil injection pump or something more serious? After reading more information I would add that the smoke coming out of the exhaust is grey/light blue if that means anything? Also I now realize that the port exhaust hose has delaminated and needs replacing.
Thank-you for any response.

11-20-09, 11:22 PM
It sounds to me, you've got a problem with the turn key electronic control system.

This system is designed to adjust the mixture in your motor till the engine warms up. If that control module is no longer working, I would think this would be the result.

If you'd like to find out more, you'll have to PM rookie101. He's our moderator on the M-2 Merc's and a pretty good one at that, I might add.

I would hate to try and go on and lead you on the wrong path. I only know a little about those things.

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11-21-09, 12:34 PM
I have the same boat and mine does pretty much the same, at startup when cold and when taking off from idle. Really depends on your definition of excessive. All 2 strokes smoke to some degree because that is how they are designed to lubricate the cylinders.

11-21-09, 05:40 PM
It may be as simple as an adjustment, or a control rod has fallen off. If you look just by the Vapor separator you will notice that on the throttle bell-crank there is a link rod that runs to the oil pump arm. Make sure it has not fallen off. Occasionally the plastic "bell" end of the rod cracks and they can come loose. If it's intact make sure the timing marks are lined up. With the throttle arm against idle stop, adjust length of link rod so that stamped mark of the oil pump lever aligns with stamped mark of the oil pump body. The mercury runs at 50:1 at full throttle and 100:1 at idle, with the pump going to default (50:1) if the rod comes off, which would cause it to smoke at a low power setting.

If everything is OK there, the pump it self may be to blame, or there is a mechanical problem with the engine. Also make sure you are running the proper plug and that they are no more than a year old. NGK BPZ8HS–10
Gap: 0.040 in. (1.0 mm).

Start here and let me know what you find.


Edit: Be sure and change all the exhaust hose. We had a member near the beginning of the summer that spent months pulling his engine apart trying to figure out a runnability problem that turned out to be a delaminated exhaust hose on the same engine you have.

12-03-09, 06:11 PM
I switched to using AIMSOIL HP Injector oil which is a full synthetic oil. It seemed to reduce the smoke some what. Plus I replace the spark plugs every year.

Difinetly replace the bad exhaust hoses. They can block the exhaust flow and reduce the maximum rpm to around 3000 rpm.