View Full Version : HELP. 2000 speedster 240hp dies and then won't run

10-09-09, 05:02 PM
Hi all, I have a 2000 sea doo speedster i just bought last month. The boat had not been used for about a year and a half when I bought it. It has the 240 merc EFI engine. When I got the boat it would not run for me( it ran fine in the sellers driveway on a hose but under load in the lake it was a no go) when i turned the key it would start and rev up to 1100rpm and then back down and quit. I did this several times and then i figured out I could stick it into gear and throttle it up really fast and the boat would stay running under full throttle but it would only rev up to 3500 rpm. After changing plugs and checking it over and charging the battery it still continued to do the same thing. I drove it around in this "limp mode" for about 10 minutes trying to listen for clues from the motor. After about ten minutes the boat just took off like a scared cat and almost threw us from the boat. It worked great for about 2 weeks and then did the same thing again. (Would not work then it would work for a few days then not at all again and so on). I am so fed up I want to pull out my hair. PLEASE HELP ME. The things I have checked and done are as follows: new plugs, compression check O.K., computer scan with no codes present, fuel pressure check O.K., new fuel and filter, etc. Now I am stuck with an intermittant electrical problem. Where should I go from here? Anyone else have similar problems?


10-11-09, 01:06 AM
you either have a stator problem or you have lost fire on 3 clys . seen this a 1000 times . with no load or in reverse it should rev up great but in forward it wont pull a greasy finshing line out of a elephants ass . while its running do a plugs wire test and which ever pulled plugs wire that dont make a difference in the running are not firing . of cousre you need to be carefull they will bite you , recomend using a plug wire puller ' insulated pliers ' . if you dont have the two power packs then you may be running the cdm modules . if you have the packs then one is prob bad since one pack fires one half the motor and the other pack fires the other half . if your running the cdm's then it prob the stator has lost either the high speed leg or lost the leg for one bank of the motor . there is one other module , its silver about 3x3 inch and facing the front of the motor it should be on your left side behind the starter , i have no clue how this one works but they retail for 700.00