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Cloud 9
04-05-08, 11:27 PM
I just purchased a new leftover '07 Seadoo WAKE. I'm planning on buying another used machine this summer.

My question is about storage at my dock. What's better....2 PWC lifts or one of these floating drive on lifts (like a Jet-Port) Advantages/disadvantages of each? My cabin is in central MN and I have a aluminum style roll in dock. Its in the water from about April 24 to Oct 15.

Whoever has experience with these.....please help me spend my money!


Cloud 9

04-06-08, 08:32 AM
I used to be a shore lander boat lift dealer back in upstate N.Y. I used the lifts for my own boat and 3 of my Pwc's. I think they might be the easiest to use in rough weather as it isn't bouncing with the waves. I have seen both styles used here in Florida, and I'm not too sold on the floating ones. They take up too much room, and are a bit pricey from I see. The prices here won't be the same from here to your neck of the woods. I would go to the selling dealers and ask questions and see a demo of the 2 different styles of lifts. Compare the features and benefits Then decide on the best choice for you.


04-21-08, 07:05 AM
I use two lifts for my ski's but I'm on a river off the Chesapeake Bay (salt water). Storms, wake and wave action with NorthEasters is a concern with jetdocks.

The lifts cost about the same as the docks but I find I can work on the ski's easily while on the lift and also can fuel them on the lift. Cleanup and engine flushing is easy on a lift.

I'd like to have the jetdocks for temporary docking while I'm using the ski's but that's an expensive option. Don't care to put the ski up on the beach, scarring the hull. Anchor buddy may be an option.

The cost of a lift here is around $1800 if you have a dock piling already that can support it. Sinking a support piling is another $400. With lifts, you don't have to worry about wakes or storms unless it's a hurricane in which case they get removed for more protection. Of course, we also have to deal with tidal action which may not be a factor for you.

Hope this helps.