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04-05-08, 11:00 PM
Hey, everyone I am new to these fourms, but wanted to ask your opionon on this ski I am thinking about purchasing . It's a yellow and black 2004 215 hp ski with 23.5 hours on it. It comes with cover and trailer with carpeted bunks. The ski also has a brand new impeller and wear ring installed professionally by a local powersports shop. He is asking for 7000, but he agreed to 6600 cash, I just wanted to know if you guys think this is a good deal or if I should just buy a 2007 rxp with a warranty. Here is some pics

04-05-08, 11:02 PM
Sorry for the double post here is a couple more pics

04-06-08, 09:08 AM
Nice pix of the Doo....! I bet your really looking forward to gettin on it! I've checked the Kelly's blue book on the retail price for this model and in pristine condition, it's got a retail value of $6930.00.
So, it's up for you to decide. If he's offering $6600 cash and it's in awesome condition, it seems like a good deal. Not a steal but at least a good deal!....Good luck! Let us know if you take the plunge!:cheers:

04-06-08, 09:50 AM
That's a clean machine. Doesn't sound too bad of a deal. See if he'll throw in a life jacket or 2..to sweeten the deal.

04-06-08, 10:46 AM
and while your add it, maybe you can have him put on a fresh coat of wax........bump!

04-06-08, 03:18 PM
I spoke with him again today, and he said it comes with 2 life jackets with it as well. I'm just worried I am going to purchase this and have problems since I really don't know how the previous owner has took care of it. Do you guys think it is worth buying a 2007 rxp for 9000 with no hours on it? that price is without the trailer...

04-06-08, 05:08 PM
Your asking a really hard question here because your having a tough time deciding..........surely because of the investment cost. If you buy the 04 and take it out and 4 hours on the clock, the supercharger blows, then your out some pretty good, hard cash to get it repaired.
But now, if you get the new one with a warranty, no hours on it, then you think your gonna be takin care of a bit better. That isn't always the case. There was one member who bought new from a boat show, found out the thing had like 8 hours run time already on it. It was suppose to be a crated ski. He even said there were scuff marks on it..........
There are a lot of Seadoos out there and there are several different size motors. I'm going to throw this out there and I mean no dis-respect to the world of Sea-Doo, but I'd never buy the supercharged ski.
This ski has the top of the line engine in it with the best electronic control system ever designed. The redundancies of one system checking the other is just unbelievable. The automatic adjustments made by the ECM (electronic control module) are just awesome. But for me, the 787cc, 110 hp engine, with it's simple block, pistons and natural aspiration is the least troublesome motor that Rotax has ever designed. Every year, there is always, "lets make this with a different stroke, it'll be faster" kinda mentality, that you wonder where it will quit. The Coast Guard has a cap on the speed of PWC watercraft, due to safety (unless your a bonified racer). So, with the 947cc RFI engines already doing that speed, all the newer ones are doing is getting you there faster. Like a computer. The one that came out last year was top of the line, well, this year, it's crap.:rant:
To get back on the subject. The 04 Ski looks nice, there doesn't appear to be many hours on it and honestly, you can't break one from riding it. Now, if you see signs of it being beached or dings and body damage, then you may have cause for concern. If there is or has been any problems with this ski, it will be recorded in the memory, where you'd be able to find out what kind of work has had to be done.
Pull the dipstick, smell the oil on it. Does it look and smell clean. Then he's changing the oil and maintenance is probably being performed.

04-06-08, 08:28 PM
can't go wrong with the 04 RXP very popular ski and people love them. remember though when you are buying used "anything" expect to have problems with it not matter what. So I would have some money put aside. If you want the 07 can't go wrong there either. It all depends on your finanicial situation. If you can afford it go for it its always better to buy new because of the warranty. Cause when it comes anything that goes on the water your gonna have to expect big $$$$ to repair. So the warranty offers some comfort there. If your finances are good then go with the 07 if not as good get the 04 but be prepared to spend some $$$ fixing it. Remember the superchargers will need to be rebuilt after 100hrs I think. Thats 1000 bucks right there. Just some food for thought.

04-06-08, 09:31 PM
:agree: SEAdooingFREAK has some good points. I just bought a new 200 Speedster without the supercharger. I saved a lot of money and it only is slower at the 58-65 mph range...big deal. I did a meet and great with a supercharged speedster owner visiting here and we both had less than 15 hrs on our boats. I get a lot better mileage and I know it will be more dependable in the long range. Buying new means warranty, trouble free riding. Non Supercharged means save lots of money with better fuel mileage and less problems.