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08-17-09, 05:21 PM
Hi Guys,

I have a 2001 Challenger 2000, with the Merc V-6. I bought it and had it up in NH on a lake all last week and it ran great (I think) after sitting a couple of years. I got about 46-47 MPH with 2 guys (400lbs) and a half tank of gas. Pulled me out on 1 ski, tubed with the kids no problem, pulled the kids on skis no problem, planned out pretty quick.

So I'm going through it today, and found 3 golf ball sized rocks jambed in the stator. 2 rocks in 1 section, the third next to it. I can't understand how it ran so well like that? Anyway, the inner impeller is a bit chewed up on the leading edge looking at it from the grate side as it the stator cone. The housing is a little scraped up too, but very slight. The stator is the worst of it. I was able to knock the rocks loose, took out a plug and spun the impeller to catch the rocks back into the grate 1 at a time, and they're out, but.....so I need to replace the impeller? I figure if it ran 46-47 with 2 of the posts 90% blocked and the impeller with the edge nicked up it should be ok with them out, yes??

BTW - it still has the HydroGrate, I ordered the 6 fin today.

Thanks in advance for the input!!

08-18-09, 10:20 PM
Ahh.. help me out!!:)

I dropped her into a local lake tonight, and minus the rocks, it ran great. I think they were jambed in the stator all last week, I never looked (rookie). It did pull a little left last week, and the rocks were jambed in the left side of the stator, so, I think that was why? It ran straight tonight.

Although the leading edge of the stator is less than perfect, and the back side (grate side) of the impeller is also less that perfect, it ran 51mph tonight in fairly rough conditions with the same 2 guys and a 1/4 tank of gas.

Not bad!!!???

My new fixed grate is on order, no more HydroSurge.....


Dr Honda
08-19-09, 07:13 AM

I think the reason you didn’t get a response is because you really didn’t ask a question. I see one question, but it is buried in a statement. If you want a response… ask a clear question.

OK… if the pump and impeller is messed up… then fix it. If it’s running well, and there is minimal cavitation… don’t worry about the nicks, and scratches, and have fun with the boat. :cheers:

08-19-09, 05:35 PM
Thx Tony - I did ramble on a bit. It seems to run great, I'll eventually do the impeller, but it dosen't seem to be hurting it any! Thanks for the help