View Full Version : Optimax Oil question

08-06-09, 07:26 PM
I purchased a 2003 Utopia 205 with a 250 Optimax in it. Boat ran ok for first few weeks then started not idling over 3k. I changed the plugs and now it runs great. I am getting ready for a nice week at camp so I went to puchase some new oil, manual recomends TC-W3, when I look at the oil bottle that come with the boat its Quicksilver PWC oil a API-TC type. I read all the postings about not mixing the oil types, so I am going to do that. The boat runs great now and I do not want to do anything to screw it up before the week at camp. I am thinking of using the API-TC for the week and then draining the oil tank and switching to TC-W3, that way if something goes wrong I'll have some time to mess around with it before the next trip. Will the API-TC cause any problems to the motor, its already burned about 1/2 gallon in it? The oil tank is about 1/4 full. Any ideas input you all have would be greatly appreciated.