View Full Version : Engine Flooding

07-31-09, 04:29 PM
We have a 2001 Seadoo Challenger 1800 with a 240 merc- it runs great, the problem is when you shut it off and let it sit for about 10 minutes it will not start again until it is totally cooled off ( about an hour or more). It smells and acts like it is flooding which it shouldn't being fuel injected.

Any help?!! or ideas

07-31-09, 06:01 PM
Well on a carburetor engine you open the throttle all the way to clear a flood, I had a buddy that had one of these and he usually had to give it about half throttle to get it to start.

08-01-09, 10:54 PM
strange for that to happen on a fuel injected. Perhaps it is not flooded (which you could check by pulling a spark plug and seeing if it is wet or dry). I bet it is not getting fuel due to some sort of vapor lock. You should check that each fuel pump is working to the specified pressure and all the filters are clean.

08-01-09, 11:11 PM
Actually, your not alone. here is a related thread pointing to head temp sensor that may be telling ECM engine is cold and thus too much fuel.