View Full Version : Looking at a 00 challenger 2000

Tom T
07-28-09, 08:57 AM
New to the forum and to seadoo boats. I am looking at a 00 challenger 2000 240hp mercrusier, not knowing much about these boats what should i look for and what is a fair offer to make. been told that it runs good and no issues but you hear that from almost anyone that is selling stuff.

07-28-09, 02:18 PM
I can't help with price, but no matter what get it checked out by a certified Mercury repair shop. Most Sea-Doo dealers are not capable of working on the Mercury, so be sure to specifically look for someone familiar with it.


07-28-09, 02:22 PM

What he said!


08-08-09, 07:05 PM
Having owned one of these for a bit I can speak from experience.....great handling boats, pretty tough with the exception of cheap over-stuffed interior. It will start to split if it hasn't already, the thread they use is sorry. They are mighty thirsty engines for fuel as well. I'd say that boat with trailer in good condition is worth $9500, not a penny more. Pretty dependable, mine is messed up now (electrical), but has been pretty much a trouble free boat for years. I hve owned all kinda boats over the past years, seadoo boats are fun, but they are an expensive alternative to boating. I can run a 502 powered donzi all day long for about the same money.

Tom T
08-11-09, 08:56 PM
Thanks for the repiles. I looked at the boat and the stitches were coming apart just as you noted. Boat was clean on the inside but pretty beat up, obviously docked without bumpers. The trailer had a bunk that was snapped, been advertised for awhile. I heard about the gas issues, currently running a donzi w/ 454 which is not the most ideal for skiing, seadoo is offering some pretty nice rebates so going this week to consider a new one.