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07-19-09, 09:33 PM
Last week I had flipped my Sea over (accidently of course) and after receiving some excellent input from Seadoosnipe I finally got a chance on Friday to get it going again. Below is the process (frustration) I went through on the weekend since Friday.

1) After replacing the top 15 amp fuse in the fuse holder again and checking all circuits (3 hours) The sea started great out of the water. Took it out to lake, backed it down the ramp and just before the water I put the key on, the guages lit up and it started great. Shut it off right away, finished backing in and unloaded both Seas. My wife hopped on her GTS and took off, I got on mine and put the key on and nothing! Top 15 amp fuse blew again without even giving a crank in the water. Out of the water it came again!! 9:30 PM

2) Saturday morning, replaced the fuse again, check circuits again (only an hour this time), started it up with the hose hooked and ran excelent again for 30 seconds or so. Took it to the lake again and before putting it in the water tried to start it. It fired up right away. Backed it in the water and tried again and it fired up again, I thought this was great finally! Took it off the trailer, put the truck and trailer away and came back got on it and it truned over like a damn but would not fire up. Checked the top 15 amp fuse and it was good as were the other 6 fuses in the panel. Screwed around for 2 hours and a guy came by and told me if the battery is not fully charged it will not fire. It was cranking excellent so I pull a plug wire and found on the initial crank I had a spark but after a couple of cranks my spark would disappear. Out of the water it came again.

3) Saturday afternoon (3:00PM) Put a volt meter on battery and only had 10.2 V. Charged it up for about 1-1/2 hours put the key on and hit the switch (Fingers crossed of course) Started right away. Left the charger for another 1/2 hour and heading to the lake again. Started excellent on the ramp and started even better when I got the trailer in the water. Again the wife went for a chew came back from the truck, put the key on and NOTHING!!:ack: Check the fuses panel and all fuses were good but no power, even to the guages and no beeps. Out of the water it came and the wife and I went for a cruise of the lake on hers. Each time we drove by I cursed mine that was now again on the trailer.:(

4) Saturday night (7:00 PM) Pull out the multi meter again and checked resitance ond amps on just about everything. I then came across, in the electronic control box at the back, the red rectifier wires and thought when I pull on this connector it would unplug some circuit of some sort (Wrong) there was another 15 amp fuse at the end of the plug in the box. (Yes the box was completely dry from my tip over the weekend before.) I am now wondering what is blowing all my 15 amp fuses and the neihbour looked at the fuse that just blew and said it looks like a defective fuse that may have been shorting out for some time. Even looking at it closely you could hardly see the break in it. Put the ohm meter on it and no resitance at all. He said he has seen fuses that should of blown not blow which then makes the circuit ahead of it overloaded, probably why my other fuses were blowing. Put in a new fuse and it started right away again!! Left it alone for the night (10:20 PM now)

5) Sunday Morning (7:30 AM - pretty damn early) Took it to the lake ( I did not start it out of the water this time) Backed it in, left the truck and trailer up on the ramp (nobody here yet) Hopped on the Sea put on the key, Guages lit up and beeped away. Hit the key and it --------------STARTED:hurray: Let it warm up just a bit and took it out after getting it good and warm, hit the throttle hard and took off great and was out for an hour (Damn the water is cold at that time of the Morning) but it was worth it.

Sorry for making this so long but if I could save some one the frustration with my explanation of my problems (I fiqure about 12 to 16 hours of it) I went through it is totally worth it if it could help them with similar problems.

Thanks Darrell

05-06-10, 08:01 PM
Did you get around to cleaning all the harness connections...ect...ect...and dielectric greaseing them? Hope you learn how to maintain your ski, its a Mechanical Wonder! Bills86e