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03-13-08, 05:46 AM
Hey all!
I'm just about as new to this forum as i am to seadoo in general so go easy on me :P
I'm the proud owner of a new 07 model gtx wake in sunny queensland, australia. :)
I've had the ski for about a week now and have been looking for some answers online when i found this little gem of info!

The main question i have is, does anyone know if this model (the 215hp version) have ceramic or titanium supercharger washers? My dealer told me they have fixed the issue with the washers breaking up and causing damage to the motor but i am scepticle.

The second question i have is general maintenance.
I pretty much only operate the ski in salt water as i live on the coastline and am wanting to know the best method of cleaning.

My dealer told me:
Wash outside of ski down with low pressure, including under the ski and trailer

Raise front of trailer, remove bungs and seats.

Wash area that forms the seal under the seat and very lightly wash engine, including battery terminals etc

Wash back area of ski, around the pump outlet etc.

Turn ski on, connect hose and run for a few minutes.

Rev a bit to clear impeller

Disconnect hose, turn off engine.

Is there anything else i should be doing? I want to get the best life out of my ski and look after it as best i can.

My last question is fuel economy. I know my consumption will be high to begin with during the run in period but i am a bit concerned its unusually high. I've got about 6 hours on the clock and have been through about 120 litres already...

Sorry for the long post guys! Any help is appreciated :)


03-13-08, 06:40 AM
Brad, welcome....When you run the ski on land, run no longer than 5 minutes because you have no cooling water supplied to your shaft seal. There is no real reason to rev the motor, you can wash out the impeller with the hose. You say you have the 2007 model. I don't know if the ceramics have already been removed for that year or not. I can't seem to pull up my manual at the moment....freakin computers!....
Anyway, if you have the supercharged 4-TEC....then your dealer should have you using the Sea-Doo 4-stroke mineral oil!.....do not use the synthethic oil in the supercharged models. They have found that the synthetic was causing a lot of breakdowns in the charger models...........
Good luck and have fun!.......