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07-09-09, 01:16 PM
Jet boat newbie so i could use a quick education. General thoughts on this model? Reviews sound great so far. But i wonder if any thing needs to be changed for our altitude (most people with i/o's have several props)?
Pics look great, but the owner scared me when i asked about maintenance. Iíll take it to a mechanic before purchase, but i had some general questions for you guys before I even leave to go look at it.

Winterization procedure? Owner said he didn't bother since the engine drains out on the trailer on the way to dry storage.

Maintenance? When i asked if it was professionally maintained he replied "What Maintenance?". Surely there is oil to change or an air filter?

Hour meter? No hour meter on this engine? Any wear items to visually inspect?

He explained how perfect the hull and seats are, and how its never been beached. Any other questions I should ask before i make the hour drive to check her out?
Thanks in advance!


07-09-09, 02:09 PM
What maintenance???:ack:

Unless the boat has really low hours, I would walk away the second he said that. There are drive fluids that need to be changed a minimum of once a season, as well as fuel and air filters and spark plugs that are recommended once a year. The drive fluids are the scary ones if he has never had them changed. Also, even though the engine is self draining it still needs to be winterized. The engine should be fogged, and stabilizer added to the fuel tank at the very least.

If you take the boat to a certified Mercury shop, they should be able to tell you the hours on the engine, and will know what to look for in the inspection.


07-09-09, 03:26 PM
Thanks for the quick reply Aaron.

Yeah, i just called him back and he confirmed original spark plugs\original fluid in the drives. Claims he has less than 100 hours on it so its "just about due". Says he launched it maybe 4 times a year and is the original owner.

Local marina (Seadoo dealer) quoted me $100 (1 hour of labor) to check the boat over. But Iím wondering if i should just walk away due to lack of winterizing and neglect?

He claims it runs perfect, starts instantly and is willing to drive it to the marina for inspection...

Decisions decisions... What do you guys think?

seadoo GTS 1993
07-09-09, 04:09 PM
Thats a tough one man.... kinda scary that in 100 hours, he hasnt touched a thing.... not even new plugs yet? Never winterized:ack:

Whats he asking for it? Sense he didnt maintain it, you could use that to negotiate the price.... For a GREAT price id buy it... otherwise, i think id walk away

07-09-09, 04:19 PM
:agree:I agree with Aaron. If you are considering this boat, you better go through this with a fine toothcomb. There was someone here not too long along who had an inspection done before buying it and ended up with a messed up motor. Anyone heard about the result of that one?....

On the other hand, depending on how much the boat was used and its storage situation, you might want to investigate. There isn't a bunch of these types of boats out there. Do a eBay or craigslist search. If there is a few others you are considering..then walk away. If this boat gets checked and there isn't anything that can't be fixed, then use that against the sale price and get your boat. :cheers:

But I would look at this really hard based on the guy's remarks!:ack:

07-09-09, 04:29 PM
He's looking for $9900 but says he's motivated. Just took a job 1100 miles away and will be forced to ship the boat.

This will be my first REAL boat, compared to my 16 foot aluminum dingy. I like the light weight (lots of MTNS to tow over) and the power (altitude sucks the life out of engines), but maybe i should keep looking since dependability is a must.


07-10-09, 10:01 PM
Look it over, motor and pump especially. Put the trailer tounge on the ground (kick up the stern) and look into the jet from both directions with a flashlight looking in with the flashlight and then shine the light from the other end as you look through.
Steering and levers should feel right.
The most important maintenance item is the pump fluids. If no water ever, no problem.
A 240 Merc outboard used 4 times a year since 03 would not have needed much maintenance.
Sounds like a boat to deal on.