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Big K
03-07-08, 12:42 AM
As I get ready for the up coming sea-dooing season this will be my first full riding season. So I have some questions about the mineral additives that Sea-Doo offers. At the dealer ship in Farmington I spotted a bunch of different additives. But before I buy I thought the best place to ask about the additives would be right here. Do any of you guys run these additives in your ski's? I like to take care of my stuff and if these additives are going to help performance and maintain the engine and componets I would be willing to use them. Being a knew owner of a Sea-Doo I don't know much about the Mineral Additives. So do any of you guys use the Additives??

03-07-08, 08:50 AM
In big business, they'll try and sell you a detergent or water inhibitor, just to make money. No additives to your fuel or oil are needed for you ski. Most of the fuel requirements in the Sea-Doo's are 87 octane. With over 99% of the fuel refined these days, the additives that the makers add are all that's needed to keep your engine from deposits and the injectors from sticking. There are a couple of the Sea-Doo's that require a higher octane and that's the supercharged 4-TEC...........
What amazes me is that some will buy the higher octance thinking it's better for the engine, when in fact it can be harmful. It all has to do with the compression of the engine.
Remember, your engine is a Rotax, not a Sea-Doo. So if you really wanted to learn more about your motor, research the Rotax web-site..........it has lots of good information on the new model 4-TECs......

03-07-08, 11:15 AM
This BRP Rotax site is full of information... www.rotax.com