View Full Version : Tool loss

02-23-08, 09:53 AM
Here's a question, what happens if you drop a socket, or a screw driver in the craft, and are unable to find it at that time(ex. out on the lake), I have looked but don't feel the shaft would be damaged...

My question comes from loosing a socket in a friend's 4-tec...

02-23-08, 10:21 AM
I don't think it will present any danger or a problem as all the moving componets are either covered or protected. I would keep an open eye from time to time in the hull, as riding it will bounce the socket around and eventually settle in the doo somewhere in view...I would hope.

02-23-08, 11:36 AM
Its a bummer dropping stuff in the hull.:redface:
It usually ends up under the engine plate.
If its tiny it will end up at the rear end of the ski, passing under the fuel tank.
As Karl said, It wont hurt nothing.