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06-17-09, 11:44 PM
I have a 2002 SeaDoo Challenger 2000 with the Mercruiser 240. At WOT it turns very well to the left, but sometimes it will not turn at all to the right even at full crank to the right. At lower speeds it will turn to the right but even then it is not sharp at all. What's up with that?!

Please help me figure this one out.

Thanks - Dave

06-18-09, 01:01 AM
The outer casing on the steering cable has most likely collapsed, and the cable will have to be replaced. When you go to turn to the right, instead of the inner cable pushing the nozzle to the right, the outer casing turns into an accordion.

Here is a quick run down on how to do it.

This first part is hull specific, so it wont be the same as my Utopia. Remove the dash panel to gain access to the back of the steering column. Undo the cable from the column.

Now for the pump end.

Loosen the outer bellows jam nut.

Remove the nut and bolt that secure the cable end adaptor to the steering nozzle.

Unthread the cable end adapter counting the turns as a reference (it must be reinstalled with a MINIMUM of nine turns).

Loosen the clamp on the bellows and spin the bellows off the cable (again, count the turns as this will give you a starting point for your adjustment).

Now from inside the boat undue the clamps on the inner bellows.

Remove the two jam nuts that secure the cable to the wear housing.(this is the hard part due to the location of the nuts)
Once you have the outer bellows off you will be able to see the first of the two jam nuts (outer). All you have to do is break this nut loose, and it should spin off by hand depending on corrosion and the shape of the threads. Now you should be able to start sliding the cable in to the hull of the boat. Once you get it back an inch or so reach in with your hand and spin the inner jam nut off in the same direction as the outer. Just keep working the cable back as you spin the nut off.

You should now be able to slide the cable through the thru hull fitting and pull it in to the boat.

To help with reinstalling the cable tape some wire or string to the old cable before you pull it through the pump. Then when ready tape this to the new cable to help guide the cable through the pump.


06-18-09, 01:51 PM
Hey THANKS Aaron. I wil take a look and order parts!

Are we talking about the Steering Cable Assy (SKU: 204390172)?

I really appreciate the quick and thorough reply! My kids won't know what to do when the boat turns to the right again!

06-19-09, 12:12 AM
Yeah that should be the one. Just have a good look at yours and make sure it is in fact the problem before you pull it out. (pretty sure it will be)


08-08-09, 06:48 PM
I replaced the steering cable. It was not as bad a job as I thought it might be. However it looks like the cause of my problems was that the rubber bellows was broken and caused corrosion inside the cable housing. I cannot seem to find the rubber bellows in any parts diagram - does anyone know the part# and a source?

Thanks - Dave

08-09-09, 12:03 AM
Any Mercury dealer should be able to order it for you. If your local dealer can't find it give http://www.crowleymarine.com/ a try. Part number should be 877581A4. It can be purchased separately from the cable.