View Full Version : 2001 Speedster 240-Needs impeller,wear ring, grate!

06-13-09, 08:50 AM
New to this forum, I am purchasing a 2001 Speedster today. I had the dealer go through it and whilel the engine is sound, he claims that the impeller and wear ring should be replaced "soon". Also a tine on the gate is broken. The owner is suprised as he claims the boat drives great. Is this possible?

The dealer wants $2000 to replace the impeller, ring and grate ($700/$500/$250 in parts). Any suggestions here?

I am thinking of using the boat as is the rest of the summer and having the repairs made in the fall. Any problem with that assume the boat operates OK at this time?

Thanks for your input.

06-13-09, 10:23 AM
Take the boat for a water test first!

If you notice the engine revs alot and you have poor acceleration then the dealer is right and you are going to need to spend some money. Have a good look in both ends of the jet pump yourself and see what kind of condition things look to be in. The impeller should have nice sharp edges and be nice an straight. The wear housing should be smooth with no gouges or visable wear. As for the factory Hydro Surge grate, it is quite common for them to loose tines as they get older and they need to be replaced or they can cause major pump damage.

If you are still thinking of buying the boat take that two grand off the price and have the work done before you use it. Do not put another Hydro Surge grate back on, but go with a solid fixed tine grate ( about $160). Put a Solas performance impeller on it (about $ 450) and a new wear housing (about $450).

See this thread for part numbers.



06-14-09, 11:08 AM
Thanks for the reply, I did buy the boat, the seller took $1500 off the negotiated price. I will get the 11 tine rock grate, but I suspect I will get push back from the deal when I ask them to use the Solas impeller. They claim that they only use Merc product as they are better quality. But there is a $330 price penalty for the Merc. Also, I have not read anywhere in the forum from anyone who actually has the Solas impeller and that make me a little nervous as well.