View Full Version : black petrol in the vapor/separator M2 240EFI

06-11-09, 10:22 AM
240EFI M2 engine.
It wont start as i wrote in another thread.
Today i removed the screw from the bottom of the vapor and the petrol was all black. I cranked the engine 20-30 sec more and removed again. Still black.
I now understand why it wont start. The boat runned perfectly until I loaded it on a trailer and moved it 250 km.
After that nothing? Checked the plugs again and they get wet and black when i crank the engine. But it does not ignite at all.

What do i have to do now to get it going again.

06-11-09, 02:56 PM
Drain as much fuel out of the tank as you can and fill it with fresh fuel. Make sure you change the fuel/water separator as well. Hopefully it will fire up on fresh fuel.

Also the vapor separator is where the fuel and oil are mixed, so it will not look like plain fuel.


06-11-09, 03:25 PM
thanks again for a fast reply.

i checked the fuelsystem in the manual so now i know how it works.
but still, i donīt think the oil mixed in the vapor should make the gas all black. Black as night. I will try to connect another tank with fresh gas in it and try again. But i donīt understand why a trailer transport should make the gas bad? Can it not be that something happened with the oilmixture during transport? The floater in the vapor can be stucked in a down position. Can that effekt the ability for the engine to start up?
I Know a thousand questions but i would like to start in the right end.

I also put in a good 60 litres in the tank when i arrived. Feels bad to throw it away costs 2dollars/ litre here about 8 dollars/gallon.:(

06-11-09, 08:13 PM
The fuel should definitely not be black. I wonder if the fuel tank was full of sediment and the road trip stirred it up ? Check the fuel closer to the fuel tank and see what it looks like.

The only other possibility I can think of for the color of the fuel is if the oil pump is stuck wide open. Check the fuel in a couple of spots along the line and see what you find.


06-12-09, 03:50 AM
The fuel from the tank after the electric fuel pump is in great condition. I once again released all the fuel from the vapor.
I also removed the oil inlet hose from the vapor cranked and looked but the fuel is still black/grey when i remove the screw from the bottom.
Iīm now giving up and will take my boat to a mercury dealer for a look.

Probably itīs just the water/separator and the final fuel filter thatīs jammed but just to be safe.

Something really strange must have happened during transport.
I was california fuel in it this spring as the first owner got it from the us in mars. He cleaned the tank and checked the fuelsystem before the first test in the lake.
Maybe some is stuck in the filters:rofl: