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06-09-09, 09:03 AM
I am the proud owner of 2 2001 GS SeaDoo's. I have ordered new fuel and oil filters for both machines. The previous owner doesn't remember what type of oil he was running in the machines, he just knows that he bought the oil at the dealership. With all that being said, I have a couple of questions before I tear into changing the filters.

I have read here that mixing different blends of oils is bad and you don't want to do it. When I called a SeaDoo dealership, they said there are 3 different types of injection oil, is that correct? The oil in the reservoirs is a blue color. I have read a different post on this site and it said that the mineral oil is blue in color, so does that mean the machines have mineral oil in them?

When changing the oil filter, do I just need to clamp off both ends of the oil line and replace the oil filter and then bleed the oil lines using the bleed screw on the injection pump as shown in the shop manual?

Is there anything special that I need to know about changing the fuel filters, or do I just need to unscrew the current filter and install the new filter.

Thanks for you helpful replies.


06-10-09, 10:33 AM
sounds like you pretty much have it covered, Fuel filter I would just shut off your fuel valve and unscrew it, take the filter out and replace it, I do not clean any fuel filters I replace them. I no longer have the oil system on mine, but if you read it that way in the manual I would follow as they direct you to do so. I may be wrong but the oil hose comes off of the bottom of the tank on mine so it would be gravity fed, so you should be able to clamp off the hose replace the inline oil filter and unclamp and it should fill up......but follow the manual.