View Full Version : 200 optimax warning horn in 2001 utopia

06-08-09, 05:32 PM
So I went to the lake yesterday was out for about two hours and while in the no wake zone the warning horn came on, a constant beep. The strange thing is I have installed the Mercury smartcraft gauge sc100 and that gauge indacaited that there was no problem . The warning horn, the one that is included on the ignition harness was the one going off and the SC100 showed the temp was well within range, water pressure was good, and did not sound an alarm. I check the oil on both the engine and the remote tank. Also the Smartcraft Guardian system never engaged and on the way back to the dock I had it up to about 4300 RMP with no problem. Has any body else encountered this before or maybe has an idea as to what it could be? I took it in too the dealer should here something back back in a few months :). I should also mention the the motor has less than 15 hours on the brand new 2006 motor.

06-08-09, 09:11 PM
There are two cylinder head temperature sensors. Although I have heard of the smart craft gauges, I am unfamiliar with how they are hooked up, so I am not sure if it is connected to both temperature sensors. A solid warning tone typically indicates an overheat alarm, so if the smart craft is only hooked to one temp sensor there is a possibility that the other is bad.

Other things that can cause an alarm are the water sensor in the spin-on fuel/water separator, and low oil in the engine mounted oil tank. Both of these sensors should be normally open when checked with a multi meter. Also some boats are equipped with a low fuel warning, although my Utopia is not, so I can't tell you how to check that one.


06-09-09, 09:26 AM
I was thinking the same thing however if there was truly a problem wouldn't the guardian syatem take over and limit the RMPs to below 3000? In my reserach I found the the low oil and fuel warings would be four beeps every two miniutes until the level was at a critical level. I'm not sure about the water/fuel seperator. Do you know what alarm that would be on that one?

06-09-09, 11:54 PM
Not if the smart craft gauge is only hooked to one of the temperature sensors. Also the manual says if the tan wire between the warning horn and the engine is open the horn will sound continuously. I wonder if when they hooked up the smart craft system they hooked into this wire??

For the water in fuel sensor, it just states that it will begin a series of beeps. The only time it should be a continuous tone is if there is an overheat problem, or a wiring fault.


07-05-09, 07:49 PM
Had a similar incident on my '03 Islandia today... warning horn when after running along in clean water at 4800 rpm for about 15 minutes. Thought is might be overheat, but I noticed the low battery indicator was flashing. I have a analog voltmeter installed and it indicated around 14 volts. So I was a bit baffled. I shut down and restarted several times and the horn would come back on after a few minutes. SeaDoo manual says the warning horn will sound continuously for a low voltage indication. (aside: I was thinking of installing the Smartcraft monitor on my boat to get more info. It is supposed to detect sensor failures but not alarm on them). Engine flush was clean and had good flow. Will check electrical connctions, alternator output, battery condition, etc. I'll try to post up what I find.