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02-15-08, 01:35 AM
Back in 2006 my family had taken a cruise to the Bahamas and while we were their we rented Jetskis. Ever since then I have wanted one.

After doing a little research I had found the 2008 Sea Doo "X" PWCs; 255 hp is very enticing. I dont think I want to purchase a pre-owned PWC because you never know how the previous owner has treated it and then there would be no warranty. Plus I'm not sure if a pre-owned PWC would be financable.

At anyrate, I had read a forum post about the intercool leaking, the reverse breaking, the supercharger had gone out, etc.


Has anyone else had these problems or heard of this happening themselves or to a friend? I would hate to invest the $13,299 and have it sit in the shop all summer.
Any feed-back would be great; thanks in advance. If all goes as planned, I should be the proud new owner of one of these beastly machines in about a month!

02-15-08, 02:18 AM
Welcome to the forum, you’re in the right place!......
Your questions are good ones since, like you said, $13,000 is a lot of money to watch sit in a shop for repairs........but I got good news for you. The best all around PWC on the market today is the Sea-Doo. Let me fill you in on a little history.
The Rotax engine, which is, for the moment, the only engine used by Sea-Doo, was founded in 1920 and has produced over a million engines. They produce engines for aircraft, snowmobiles, motorcycles, jetski's and boats. With the extensive research and development in building these engines, I don't think there is another manufacturer anywhere in the world that can even come close to what they've accomplished.
The engine you’re referring to has been around for a few years. When something is first designed, it's not unusual for it to have a couple bugs. I don't think they ever had a design flaw but there has been a small problem in the superchargers. I don't think by design, but by tolerance.
We had a supplement come out about the use of the synthetic oil in the supercharged 1503 4-TEC. While the majority of forum members use the XP-S synthetic blend of oil, its use in the 4-TEC engines will cause damage to the ceramic washers in the superchargers. Most using the synthetic, didn't realize the potential for damage. Not a problem with the design, just a problem in oil type. The natuarlly aspirated 1503 can use the XP-S synthetic, but not the supercharged. This is where some of the confusion comes into play.
As for the ride plate, which is where the heat exchanger is for the closed loop cooling system, the only leaks I've encountered are from those who have accidentally drilled holes through them to attach additional anodes.
I think one of the best innovations in this engine, was the design of the EMS (engine management system). The complete electrical system is managed by micro-controllers working together. Overall, the Multi-Purpose Electronic Module (MPEM) manages the vehicle electrical system, the ECM (engine control module) controls the engine management and the information center is used to display information that comes both from the MPEM and the ECM. There are a total of 12 sensors monitored by the EMS which take that input and interprets it along with the MPEM and then sends out the necessary adjustments through the ECM.
You say you’re not sure about a pre-owned. Maybe you can save a few dollars by looking at a new ski but one that is a couple years old. You’d probably get a great deal too. The 1503 4-TEC engine is basically the same engine since its conception. It’s gotten a couple extra ponies by increased bore and stroke, some changes to the fuel injection, but for the most part, unchanged. Someone in the forum just bought a 2005 from a dealer and they love it. They’ve only got 10 hours on it, so they’re just in the “I’m learning” mode, which by the way, the 1503 has a special key so that you can keep it from reaching full power if your letting someone ride who has no experience. Great tool for beginners.
I hope this has helped you out a little in deciding which type or make of PWC to buy. Although I’m a proud Sea-Doo owner, my opinion is not biased. I too wanted to spend my money on the best thing the market had to offer. Hands down, the Sea-Doo is the most reliable out there…..Good luck hunting!........:hurray:
BTW, sorry for the long post, but the information on these things can get extensive!

02-15-08, 08:17 AM
Thanks for the info... I have a couple more paychecks to save-up then I'm off to the nearest Sea-Doo dealership!
I'm sure you'll see me around on the forums.
Thanks again,

02-15-08, 09:28 AM
seadoosnipe gave some great info :)

one thing he mentioned was about getting a new jetski, but one that had been sitting for an extra year or so. This is exactly what i did. I didnt go looking for one, but as a result, i got a better ski for the same price i was looking at. I got a 2005 RXT, but i bought it at the end of 2007 summer season. I got a real nice price break! And since it was still 'new' i got some nice rates at the bank. One thing about a used ski. they 'are' financable. My bank manager (my mother in law) told us that it would be considered like a used vehicle. Not exactly like it, but the end result is they are finacable.

I bought mine without ever having rode any type of jetski, but i have always loved being on the water. We have no regrets, and we cant wait till we get the chance to take it back on the water.

02-15-08, 11:36 AM
If you buy from a dealer it might cost a little more but you could get a warranty to cover any cost if problems arise. ANy time you buy used ...it's buyer be ware.

02-15-08, 01:39 PM
It was DaggerJon's post that I used as an example of how to save money and buy new at the same time. I just couldn't remember at the time who purchased it that way. Thanks for chiming in Dagger.
C_Bowman, glad you have the interest in the Sea-Doo. I know you won't be disappointed!...............welcome to the forum.:cheers:

02-15-08, 01:53 PM
If you decide to go the used route you know we are here for you with Manuals and advise to help you out if you get in a jam. oh yea, I almost forgot... welcome to the seadoo fourm

02-21-08, 06:33 AM
I just bought mine in the beginning of last years summer and i bought it used. it only had 16 hrs on it. anyway it was basically brand new and came with a trailor for about the same price as i could get one from a seadoo dealer. i found that at the end of the season is the best time to buy them even thought you want it now. it seems like a lot of people buy them and then their plans change after a year of riding and they want something else and have got passed it plus the season is just ending for a lot of people at that time. anyway everyone seems to think from what i read that you can not have a warranty on it. when i bought mine it still had the warranty and when it was time for it to be up i had the option whether or not i wanted to extend it for X amount of dollars. from the research i did as long as it has a warranty when you buy it the warranty carries over but if the warrantys already up then you cant extend it or get another one of course. in md it was exactly like buying a car and my bank had no problem at all. goodluck and welcome to the family. i love my rxp i hope you enjoy yours as much as i do

02-21-08, 04:12 PM
I guess that sums it up!

02-23-08, 03:19 PM
where you able to buy one yet?

03-27-08, 06:32 PM
I still havent made the purchase, but I've been back to the dealer since my last post.
On my first visit the parts manager at the dealership had informed me that after 50 hours the supercharger needs to be tuned up. He followed that up with telling me that it costs about $500! So on my second visit I asked the sales rep about this. He pulled the manuel out and informed me that what a ceramic washer should be replaced with a metal one. I have no clue what the washer does, but he stated that some people believe the metal washer can damage it so the factory puts a ceramic one on. He implied that this can be done anywhere between 50 and 100 hours, and that it would probably be about 1 year before I accumulated 100 hours.
Anyway, does this sound right to anyone out their with a supercharged Sea Doo RXT?
Also, has anyone been successful at negotiating down the price on there Sea Doo? or getting the dealer to through in a trailer? I'm looking to get the '08 RXT-X, so I dont know how much wheelin & dealin they will do with me.
Any feedback would be great.
Thanks in advance,

03-28-08, 01:52 AM
You seem to be going back and forth on this SC issue. Have you thought about about the idea of just getting the standard fuel injected, naturally aspirated engine.
In my opinion, the added supercharger isn't worth the extra worry. When I went to buy my last motorcycle, they had started making the inline 4 cylinders, water cooled.....this kinda peed me off. I asked the dealer, why add an additonal sub-system when the engine has been air-cooled for 75 years and worked fine?........this didn't make sense to me.
The Superchargers have been debated a couple times and they have made some changes going from the ceramic to metal. But in my research of the damaged SC, it seems that the oil requirements had a lot to do with it. The synthetic oils did not have the best characteristics for removing friction and heat. So, they changed their recommendations to use a mineral oil instead. The Amsoil oil is being touted as the best oil for the SC engines.
Here in the forum, you can find the posts that have this debate and read through it and see what you think.
The watercraft industry has a standard in setting speed on these machines at 70 mph. So, although the SC will get you there faster, the standard 1503 4-TEC will still get you there too...........:cheers: