View Full Version : Question about my 250 Merc Optimax

05-26-09, 09:22 AM
Hey guys couple of weeks ago ive been noticing this which it never use to do. If the engine is cold or havent turned it on in a while i crank it and it starts but immeditaly dies. i need to start it and give it gas once i give gas its good to go. it never use to do this though. I would just crank it once and it would fire and stay on without having to give gas. after the initial startup, it will fire up on the first crank all day how it use to normally start. Im not liking this because when im at the ramp i needa get in it and give gas which makes me move forward or reverse. What should i check on the motor. Also at the begining of the season i had my plugs changed and all filters. Its just odd that after that first start, it will start up normally alll day long.

05-26-09, 02:24 PM