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05-21-09, 10:31 AM
I'm replacing fuel lines on my 97 GTI. I decided to replace the vent lines also. When I tried to pull the hose off the two check valve/vents, they came out of the hull.

Now I'm trying to get the check valve/vents back in the hull. Any ideas on how to do this. I've put them in the freezer (hopefully to shrink) and tried to insert. I put a socket over them to tap them into place. So far no success.

Any ideas . . .

05-21-09, 12:38 PM

Got pic of what ur work'n with?

05-21-09, 01:42 PM
If your not using any thing to lube the end before trying to place it back in, you need to. The friction is to hard to pass without it. Put a dab of grease on it.....that should make it easier.

05-21-09, 02:42 PM
I have tried lubricating with oil and also silicone lube. I could try grease as well.

timmyboy76, you are right on the parts--#26 & 39. These protrude through a hole in the hull. I've also attached a snapshot from the parts fiche.

05-21-09, 04:43 PM
they go in just like they came out just reverse the direction and harder to do....lol..

are they distorted?

05-21-09, 04:47 PM
just thought I would throw this out there, but did the rubber pop out as well? if so you need to push the rubber grommet into the hole in the hull first, then you push the check valve into the rubber grommit....see if that helps

05-21-09, 06:39 PM
I did try the harder approach on one and broke it--I'll add it to my parts order.

I didn't see any sign of a grommet. Maybe they came out with and are attached to the check valves now.

I took a closer look at the check valves and that is the case. The grommet and check valve came out together and I thought they were one piece.

Thanks custompartsguy, that's probably where I was going wrong.

05-21-09, 06:54 PM
no problem, yes that was your poblem...the grommet must be inserted into the hull before the check valve they will not go in as one....that should make these easier for you, let us know if you need further help