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02-01-08, 12:56 AM
I got 2 GTI 04 without engines (my kids didn't take care of them)but all electrical and MPEM are perfect, i bought one engine and I installed in one gti, but I don't have any key,then I cut the switch and I interconected all 4 wires in there, then when I push the start button there is only one big beep and nothing else, no hear selenoid, no crank, no hear starter, then I play with the 4 wires from the switch and there are differents beeps. I got the same problem with both MPEM, I just read here one hour ago that this PCWs got the DESS system, do you think this is my problem? Can I eliminate this system and just put a normal switch? I don't have any key, what can I Do?

Thanks in advance!!!!

02-01-08, 10:07 AM
Sorry to hear of your mis-fortune but I'm not sure you'll ever start these crafts without their DESS (digital electronic security system) lanyards. The one long beep means that you made contact with the wires from the switch that were suppose to be made, but the mpem picked up that it was the wrong key (because there was no key). The system was put in place to keep theft from occuring on their watercraft. The lanyard has a ROM chip embedded in it that is programmed into the MPEM (muiltipurpose electronic module) and the post is magnetic for reading and sending the signal to the mpem. The mpem controls everthing.
If your my age, then your first thoughts are to bypass stuff to make it run. You can't do this either, unless your one hell of a electrician, because you'd have to completly eleminate the mpem. You can take power off the solenoid and turn the starter over. You can take power off a 12 vdc wire and power up the coil. In theroy, you'd be able to start your motor, but guess what. The trigger coil assembly that tells the ignition which plug gets the spark is integrated in that mpem. So in essence, it cannot be done.
You have to put the post back together, you can order new lanyard post online, or take it to your local Sea-Doo dealer and purchase one. In the United States, it cost about $75 dollars to have all this done. If you can't find a shop local, you can order the lanyard post online, but you have to have the programmer to program the mpem. If you can find a mpem programmer, like on ebay or somewhere, you can expect to pay upwards of $1000 american dollars.
Sorry to hear of your bad luck, but you are stuck between a rock and a hard spot right now.
BTW, you keep crossing those wires to try to hot start and you could blow your mpem. That module is over $1000 to replace. Also, you say you replaced the engine. I hope it was with another 717cc engine, because that's the only engine you can use for the GTI model. And I just looked at the lanyard cap, here on one of our advertisers on the main page and they have your lanyard cap for $32 dollars.

02-19-08, 11:16 PM
:agree:....sorry, but you have to get a new DESS and program it. He's right, there is no way to beat the system.

02-19-08, 11:26 PM
That system is made for just this type of problem. You can't steal a seadoo and try to fire it up no matter what you try. Or in this case install another unit if it's missing. You need a new programed DESS key.