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05-13-09, 11:30 AM
Goat a merc 240 EFI in a 2000 Challenger 2000. I ordered two new safety/lanyard caps and need to get them programmed. When they are programmed, is it done to the MPEM on the motor or on the fuse block module behind the driving console?

I need to know whether to hit up the Mercury or Sea-Doo shop to get this done. Thanks.

05-13-09, 02:39 PM
There should be no reason to program anything with the Mercury. The lanyard is just a simple on off switch. If you got the Dess lanyard and post for the Rotax engines, they are the wrong ones.


05-13-09, 03:09 PM
Holy sh**!!! For the past couple years I've washed the lanyard and post with soapy water a few times as suggested here on the forum. I feel like an idiot but that is GREAT news.

Good answer, man. Good Answer!

I did get the post and lanyard for the merc. Looks like I'm all set. Thanks.