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05-06-09, 11:08 AM
unfortunately last summer i was unable to winterize my 1996 seadoo XP at the end of the season due to a broken leg... just my luck right... so now i am just getting ready to get the ski ready for the summer and i'm planning on having my work cut out for me. the last thing i did to the ski was run it without water for 30 sec or so to empty out whatever water i could. then i placed the ski in back of my garage under a tarp for the winter. now that i'm all healthy again i'm looking for some advice as to where i should start in tackling this job... any help will be greatly appreciated! thanks in advance and if you need any clarification let me know.. i'm happy to help.

thanks again-- jon

05-06-09, 12:59 PM
Jon, first thing is get the battery fully charged up. Have it Load tested at like Auto Zone too after you get it charged to see if it has any bad cells. If it's bad, replace it. I would squirt some wd-40 down each cylinder, Add some fresh spark plugs. If the gas smells bad I would try to siphon out as much as you can, and add some fresh fuel. Check all the nuts and bolts for tightness and look everything over to see if all is ok. Fill up the injector oil. Grease the Impeller shaft fitting behind the engine. Spray the impeller assy with wd-40 and check the clearance too. If the carbs appear to look gummy, they might need to be removed and cleaned, but see if it fires up first. Give the seadoo a good cleaning and add the battery and fire it up on the hose like normal. Let it run for a few minutes. If all is good, go have some fun.


05-08-09, 11:02 AM
karl- thanks for the help its greatly appreciated... i'm going to get on that this weekend hopefully... btw i forgot to mention that i converted it to premix fuel. will that make a difference?

05-08-09, 11:16 AM
Just be sure you use the same oil as the original owner...premix should be 40:1. Leave the oil injector tank in place with the oil lines to the bottom of the engine to lube the rotary valve. Why Change the oil injector...it will use lots of oil now and foul plugs. The injector is a Variable rate injector system. It injects oil at different rates depending on rpm. Not a steady amount at all rpms as pre mix does.


05-08-09, 05:35 PM
Hey John ware abouts in CT do you live, Im in the Windham area if you ever looking for someone to ride with:cheers:

05-18-09, 10:52 AM
i'm out of waterford... as long as i get everything up and going i'll be happy too...

karl- i removed the pump shaft because the ski sat for a while and i was unsure as to whether or not the oiler was working. when i began the pjct of putting it back together again i didnt want to risk not having an oils supply reach the engine..i i just decided it was best to be daft rather than sorry..... i held on to the shaft and left the lines in tack so at any given moment i may decide to put it back in...

11-01-12, 08:41 AM
Sorry to piggyback on condo180's thread, but it appears that I'm not allowed to create a new thread.

In a sticky thread that is now closed, it was written:

"16. On the supercharged, intercooled models, the exhaust system is self draining but the intercooler and manifold need to the following protection."

That thread doesn't specifically address the non-supercharged models relating to water/anti-freeze, so I'm wanting to be sure I understand correctly that non-supercharged models are also self draining. In other words, no anti-freeze needed. I have a 2006 GTX 4-stroke.

Thanks for any help you can provide!