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01-23-08, 08:24 PM
I've never owned a waverunner before. I'm selling my challenger and getting either a 2004 Seadoo gtx sc or a 2003 yamaha gp 1300 r. The seadoo gtx is about 15 hundred more, but it also includes a gps, the cover and trailer. They're both in rally good shape. But as far as engines, and stuff like that, i dont know which one is better. What can you guys say about these two machines. About speed, Gas consumption, maintenance, etc. Thanks

Anyhting you can tell me about these, bad or good, I'd really appreciate it.


01-23-08, 09:11 PM
Jeff, welcome to the forum. What a fine place to find an un-biased comparison between the 1503cc 4-TEC engine verses the Yamaha's 1300 (1297cc) engine.
Really, there isn't much to compare. It's like comparing apples and oranges. This is the final year of production for the GP1300R, which should tell you somthing in it self. The engine is a 3 cylinder two storke, with 170 horsepower. It has an electronic fuel injection system. Top speed is rated at about 65 mph.
There is a post in this "PWC Talk" section with all the info on the 4-TEC engines, but I'll give you a little more info here. For more indepth info, visit the thread "4-TEC engines".
The 1503 has several versions. You've specified the supercharged model in your description. The engine is a 4 stroke engine, supercharged and capable of delivering 215 horsepower at 70 mph. It has a closed loop cooling system, which is great if you run out in the open ocean. The Yamaha has an open loop.
What I found to be the most important, the Yamaha doesn't have a reverse gate on it, almost all Sea-Doo's do...........
Please, don't ask me to do a fair comparison, because in my personal opinion, with Rotax celebrating it's 6 millionth engine and 85 years of research and development, along with Bombardiers 35 years of development history, there is no other PWC on the market that can even compare to the durable reliability of the number one watercraft manafacturer in the world...SEA-DOO rocks!............:hurray:

01-23-08, 09:39 PM
:agree: There is no comparison between the 2 machines. For more info I would try and find a Yamaha forum with real information...oh that's right I have never found one... Seadoo is by far the better machine. I used to ride Kawasaki's for like ever till I got hooked on seadoo. I will never go back to any other brand. I am also a certified mechanic for Kawasaki, from the old school days. of the 70's - 90's. I am sold on seadoo! Sorry to just one sided in our seadoo forum.:cheers:

01-23-08, 09:47 PM
Oh, I forgot, my last post was research done not only from the Sea-Doo website, but from the Yamaha website.
I don't want to cut them short, cause they do have some nice looking skis, but this is the Sea-Doo forum, so I think we're all a bit biased to our own manaufacturers products.......

01-23-08, 09:52 PM
You are so wrong seadoosnipe....we aren't biased...were just correct with our gut feelings...just kidding...The Yamaha water craft has some good points too. It's like comparing Chevy to Ford or to Dodge. There is a lot of technology that goes into the product, but some are better than others. The best advise is to comparisons and talk to different dealers and decide what's best for you ...