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01-17-08, 07:07 AM
I just became the new owner of a SeaDoo Sp, 1989, I think. If this is too old of a model for the people here, I will delete my account herein and find another source for my inquiries. The SP needs some TLC, the previous owners were less than kind to it and I have grand plans for it. I am looking for tech articles, manuals, parts lists, etc. for this SP, and am loath to pay for the priveledge of using the Premium services here if what I need are not available to me, thereby wasting my time and money.

Also, if available, a maintenance schedule would be a great benefit. This SP came with nothing but a bill of sale and a bunch of chopped up hoses around the fuel pump. It looks like everything is there excepting the air filter box, but these descriptions and lists would be very useful.

Thank you for your time,


01-17-08, 11:17 AM
JDM, Welcome to the seadoo forum. This is a good place to gain information from the large library of manuals and to ask for help and advise on any problem you may encounter. The manual section has authentic seadoo manuals for you to view on line as a PDF file, or download and print off for your own personal and privet use.
I find the Seadoo Manuals are very helpful as they cover trouble shooting, wire diagrams, parts diagrams and pictures for tear down or re-assembling. You'll also find operator manuals and maintenance schedules as well. Click on the link at the top or the page "seadoo manuals" for more details on becoming a premium member. If you need any help or advise, we are just a click away. This seadoo forum is a very friendly place, and the members are most eager to offer help, and respond quickly. :)


08-21-08, 07:50 PM
I have the same model, if you still need help let me know.. I just bought one for 100 bux and it purrs like a kitten =)

08-21-08, 09:42 PM
I see quite a few of those old seadoo's out on water. good working engines I assume!

welcome to the board, hope someone can help you out with any questions. dont hesitate to ask, everyone has to start somewhere and there is a lot of folks here willing to help.

Nate Surveyor
08-22-08, 07:29 AM
It is good to "Cut to the chase", but don't be too cynical. You have to start somewhere. I tend to think of those ones as "1st generation". Then, I have second gen, and the 4 strokers are 3rd.

I could be wrong. But, if there ever was a good group of helpful persons anywhere, it would be this forum. :agree:

Pull up a lawn chair, and get under the umbrella, and relax.

The folks around here are for real.

And won't belittle ya for dumb questions.