View Full Version : Challenger 2000 Jet Boat Impller Oil Change

04-22-09, 01:25 PM
Need instructions on how to change the impeller Oil and any other fluid I need to on a Sea Doo Jet Boat, Challenger 2000. Mercury 240EFI with a Bombardier Jet drive.

04-22-09, 11:06 PM
Here a couple of threads for you to read.




04-23-09, 09:48 AM
I just sold my 2004 Utopia 185 which I pretty much maintained by myself. In Rookieís second link he shows some good pictures of the vent/drain holes in the Pump and Stator. I did this operation myself every winter (you know, that week or two here in Florida where its too cold to ride) and its pretty easy assuming the threads of the plugs are not corroded or stripped. But I seem to remember there being a much more detailed thread in the boat forum describing the oil change process. I havenít been here for a year or two and cant seem to find the thread Iím thinking of (maybe it was in a different forum?). But there were pictures of the stator disassembly process and also several creative ways of draining/filling the pump and stator (one guy used a turkey baster I think).

Anyway, this is a pretty simple job, but if you are not mechanically inclined, you do need to be careful in case you strip the plug threads. Also, most people use some sort of thread sealer. Make sure you donít use the permanent type. Definitely inspect the oil for evidence of water intrusion (the oil would have a milky look to it). If you find that, best take it to a mechanic to find the leak and inspect the machinery for damage before something really expensive breaks).

03-09-10, 08:41 PM
Should the Stator oil be under pressure?

I was changing the Stator oil in my Challenger 2000 and when I unscrewed the drain / fill plug it poped out like it was under pressure and a big glob of oil shot out of the hole.

03-12-10, 12:22 AM
It's sealed pretty well, so if it was filled when it was cold out and you then removed the plug when warm it's normal to have a bit of pressure.