View Full Version : Running Sea Doo Challenger on Trailer?

04-21-09, 08:37 PM
Hey People I'm new here and I did search but can not seem to find any threads on running a 240 EFI on the trailer not in the water. Challenger 2000
I was wondering if it can be run with a hose feeding the flush port?
Does that cool the engine. It's been sitting a few years with fuel stable in it. Fires up no problem but I would feel better running it for a 5 minutes or more and running it through the rpm,s. I did put new plugs in it.
Any suggestions?
Thanks very much!

04-23-09, 10:57 AM
No, you cannot run your Merc motor for more than flushing it out or to run for a minute or so.

A huge percentage of your water from the hose will be lost in the bottom of the ride plate, where the water is supplied from the pump. During flushing, there is no way to isolate that inlet so water back flows through it to the ground, leaving the engine short on volume and pressure.

This was pointed out to me by anohter Merc mechanic here in our forum, who owns one. So, it's best to take it to the river/lake.:cheers:

04-24-09, 12:17 AM

like Seadoosnipe mentioned, no more than idle on the hose. Also unlike other engines, with the Mercury always start the hose "first" then the engine.

If the boat has sat for a few years see if you can get someone else with another boat to tag along on the maiden voyage. Either that or try and stay close to the marina.