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03-28-09, 03:50 PM
Hello, I am new to the forum and new to boating, though I have drooled for sometime. I like the idea of the jet drive, especially with children. I have looked at the new speedsters, and Challengers. Mostly considering either the 200 speedster, or a 2008 Challenger SE with 430HP at $36K. Of course in the spirit of saving money I have been looking for a decent used Seadoo for past 6 months. I found an 03 Challenger X, that has the 250hp M2. The seller was asking $18,500, but willing to take $16,500. I would appreciate any thoughts or comments. I'm in Montana, so slim pickins.

03-28-09, 05:13 PM

You know what they say, opinions are like A**H*les...Everybodies got one. Here goes mine.

The fact that you live in Montana makes me wonder how many Mercury certified mechanics there are up there?

Ordinarily I'd say save the 20 grand and buy the used boat. The Challenger X is basically a Challenger 2000 with Wake tower and some more goodies if I'm not mistaken(Experts please correct me if I'm wrong). I had a Challenger 2000 with the 240efi Merc. The 250 Optimax in that boat should be much nicer! Dont expect your seadoo dealer up there to be proficient on this Optimax engine. I understand its very complicated and expensive to repair. Before considering that boat make sure you have a Optimax certified mechanic at the ready.

If the Mercury techs are scarce I would suggest sticking with the newer Rotax 4-tec powered boats.


04-03-09, 08:51 PM
Craig, thank you for the reply, and I do appreciate your opinion even so. I can't bring myself to spend the money on a new boat, and still keeping my eyes open for a decent used. Only seem to be speedsters with the 240 merc.
Looking at a 2001 for $8500. The local sea doo dealer is the only game in town for maintenance, however they sell bayliner, crownline, and others as well, so hopefully they are up to par.

I would appreciate input on what to look for or what to be aware of.

Thanks again,