View Full Version : 1996 GTX no power

12-27-07, 03:01 AM
We have a 1996 GTX Seadoo. Have put a new battery in it but there is no display. Any ideas as to what it could be. If it is a fuse where do we find them or can we get a manual from somewhere please.

12-27-07, 04:05 AM
Hello Robyn and welcome to the Seadoo forum. You may have a blown fuse and since you don't describe any other funtions working at all, maybe that is where you should start. Look in the compartnment in and around the engine for a sealed black box. You'll know it's your electrical/mpem box from all the wires you'll see going into it. This is where you'll find all your fuses. I'd start there.
We do have your manual in the forum. I just looked at it to get you this information. The premium section is available for a small fee and has an extensive library of Seadoo shop manuals along with operators guides and wiring diagrams.
Let me know if I can help you further. Welcome to the forum. :cheers: