View Full Version : Don't like the "dated" 96XP decals...

12-21-07, 03:42 PM
Anyone removed the stock adhesive decals and done some kind of other paint job to their skis?

Any pics or suggestions?

Anything I need to watch for when prepping and painting?

Mine is yellow with seriously 90's stickers. I was thinking of painting it with black zebra stripes or maybe a camo paint scheme...

12-21-07, 09:06 PM
With the technology today, don't paint...use vinyl graphics...cheaper and quicker too.

12-21-07, 09:36 PM
Well...anything would be better than the SPLASH pink graphics on the 96XP... :ack:

I might just buy adhesive camo and go from there...

by the way, took it out on fresh water today, and tried to submarine it to get water in the hull...

If I idle forward while stepping weight on the left foot, forcing water to the left side where the new bilge pump is...I hit the button for maybe 10 seconds and the hull is almost dry!!!

Only had to do this twice today in an hour, and the second time it only purged for about 5 seconds.

So new bilge pump is working GREAT!!!

12-21-07, 09:50 PM
That is so Cool! I am glad it's working for you ! It makes you feel good when a project comes together after all that work! Check E-bay for graphic companies.

12-21-07, 09:53 PM
You could also try local graphix companies and ask their advise on graphics. It shouldn't cost much more than $100.00 total both sides, depending how crazy you go.

12-22-07, 08:16 AM
Good idea. We have a local graphics company in our small town, and I always thought of them as "sign makers" and not someone who could make stickers...

12-23-07, 12:00 AM
I found small companies are more willing to work with you to keep you happy.
Back when I was racing, I had a small graphix company do all my race boats for the team (5 riders) for almost nothing...like $25.00 a boat, just to put his name on it. Seems the big guy's can't be bothered sometimes unless your spending big bucks.

12-23-07, 10:31 AM
Now that you mention it, i see SAFI-GRAFIX on several signs and car decals throughout town...I bet they are doing what you say and offering deals to get their name out there. That is the only reason I know they even exist...I just see their name all over town on all the banners, decals, etc...

I have no problem having SAFI-GRAFIX on both sides of my ski if they can keep it kinda small...

12-23-07, 10:45 AM
Well if your were racing and it got them exposure, they might give you a deal, but for privet use they won't give you too much for free I'm sure. Just don't over do it or it will get gaudy...then you'll wish you had those pink graphix again..lol

12-23-07, 12:24 PM
It won't have as much sticker on it as it does right now when I am done. Just a few stripes or spots to break up the bright yellow hull.

And I don't expect any discounts. He is running a business, i will pay fairly for his services. But it never hurts to have his name out there for a little more exposure.

12-24-07, 10:04 AM
You'll have to post pictures of the finished project to maybe help other members see what a little change can do to a older doo. I agree helping other business out with a little exposure. Lots of times people expect free service exchanged for a good word. I used to have to get the graphix re-done on the race boats almost everyweek from the banging and bumping in competition. That's why I got a deal, and used his name as a sponser. He always keep us looking great for the races, with little cost to him or me.

07-03-08, 09:21 AM
If you're down with vinyl and want camo, then get some 3M CamoClad (http://www.camoclad.com/). I plan on doing mine in Wetlands HD very soon. There also is a authorized dealer that sells the "grassy" accent kit. Once added to the regular sheet, it will really look good with the individual strands of grass cut. Take a look HERE (http://www.camo4u.com/cgi-bin/edit/camo4u/camo4u/dbdata/qs?63RIS=&1&UserKeys=accent&S=1&E=10&M=10Submit=Start+Search&firstkey=&secondkey=&first_ip=575218&PlD=product.htm&).

EDIT: I just noticed that I resurrected a 7 month old thread:rofl: