View Full Version : Challenger 2000 Mercury 240 won't start sometimes

03-08-09, 11:39 AM
My Challenger 2000 starts sometimes. When on the water running it seems to have trash in the fuel system, after it clears out it runs fine. But when I turn it off and try to re-start it won't. The only way I could get it started was to disconnect the throttle linkage and crank it while giving it some throttle manually. Could this be caused by the injectors being clogged? Where would I start?

03-08-09, 12:07 PM
First thing I'd look at is the vapor seperator. Then, I'd be looking at the fuel pressure regulator.

You can find this in your manual under fuel system.:cheers:

03-09-09, 12:13 AM

I agree with Snipe, it sounds like you are running way too rich. The thee most common culprits are, as Snipe mentioned the fuel vapor separator, pressure regulator and also the cylinder head temperature sensor.

The possible causes are a sunk or stuck float in the vapor separator, a hole in the diaphragm of the pressure regulator, or a shorted or open temp sensor.

Quick resistance specs on the temp sensor are about 2000 ohms at 50f and 400 ohms at 120f (these are approximate).

To check the float in the vapor separator you have to disassemble the separator and do a visual inspection.

For the pressure regulator you need a fuel pressure gauge with the adaptor to thread on to the fuel rail. Pressure should be about 34-36 psi.



Also for peace of mind if the plugs are more than a full season old replace them.

03-09-09, 02:00 PM
Is there a manual which would explain how I could check the vapor separator and/or pressure regulator in more detail?

03-09-09, 02:15 PM
The M-2 manual you can download in the premium section goes through it in detail.


03-09-09, 02:25 PM
The only one I found has the carberated engine not the DI. ?

03-09-09, 02:33 PM
The manual covers both the triple carburetor 210 and the injected 240. I find it easiest to use the search in the manual to find what I'm looking for, as it always starts each new section with the 210.

If your still having trouble finding what you want, let me know and when I get home from work later tonight I will let you know what the page numbers are.