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02-27-09, 12:17 AM
Sorry for the different posts but researching here is driving me nuts. We are to drive to Florida soon to pick up our 2002 Islandia. Shop checked it out and said A-OK. Compression was good???? (see other thread) and noted no problems. BUT, I do not know if they are that familiar with Sea Doo, the M2 in particular. The owner figures the boat has 300 hours on it. It was run in "brackish" water in Pensacola. The shop that checked it out was SS Marine in Pensacola. Where is the wear ring and stator and how could I check it when I arrive to pick up the boat? Or does anyone know about SS Marine? Its a 20 hour drive and now I am getting nervous. Thanks!

02-27-09, 12:36 AM
You should be able to put your mind at ease if your having your work done in Pensacola. I live about 45 minutes west of P'cola and there, you'll find some of the best shops on the Gulf Coast.

The bulk of their work is based on reputation. They are a town of "snowbirds" who's money is very important to their economy. They know that they need to be recognized as a top repair business because of the competition.

If your coming from P'cola via interstate 10 through Mobile to I-65 or on west before catching an interstate north, you can feel free to stop here, spend an:cheers: hour for lunch and I'll be happy to look over your pump, wearing ring and stator to make sure you got your monies worth.

PM me and I'll send you my contact infomation so that you'll have a caring member willing to look at it.

I also live on the water and your welcome to drop it in the water here with me and take it for a test drive. I'll be happy to assist you any way I can.....

If you have the extra day to add on to your trip, your welcome to stay here locally, either at my place or at a nice, inexpensive hotel here local. I live 4 miles south of Interstate 10 on the west side of Mobile bay at Dog river. Look it up on google, you'll see I have the best of all worlds. Fresh, brackish and salt...

02-27-09, 02:08 AM
I'm sure Snipe is right. If it is a qualified Mercury repair shop they should know what to check. If you're still concerned the spec for a new wear ring and impeller is 0.038'-0.058" clearance between the two, and if the gap exceeds 0.1" it needs to be replaced.

The manual also mentions that 75% of the wear is typically in the impeller, and that the first half of the leading edge should be fairly sharp and not beat up looking.

Also with Snipe saying that you could stop by and he would give you a hand looking over the boat you have nothing to worry about. (and hows that for dedication on his part:hurray:)


02-27-09, 07:41 AM
Dedication? It looks like he uses any excuse to go for a boat ride :cheers: