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02-22-09, 04:21 PM
Anytime your doing a carb rebuild or troubleshooting the fuel system it is a good idea to do some different test on the carbs.

If you have been having trouble with lean conditions and replacing pistons, it could be you are running too lean and leaking air through the carbs.

These test are really easy to do and this tester can be put together for about $25.

I bought the stuff at Lowe's but any hardware store should carry these parts.

Parts needed:
Gauge- Found in the water heater section.
Brass Tee 1/4"- Found in plumbing section
1/4" Ball Valve- Found in air tools section
1/4" Brass Nipple- Found in plumbing section
1/4" Brass Threaded Hose Barb- Found in plumbing section
Air Hose Male Adapter- Found in air tools section
1/4" Tubing- Found in plumbing for ice makers.

If you do not have an air compressor you can do with out the ball valve and air hose adapter. You'll have to get a valve stem to put in the end of the tube and some sort of put, like a bike pump.


Whenever you assemble these parts, make sure you use teflon tape for the threads and make sure you tighten down real good. After assembly, block off the end with the barb side and let some air go through. Spray down with soapy water to make sure you have no leaks.

Here is the final product.


When using this tester with the air compressor it is real important to open the ball valve very slowly too avoid too much air pressure.

Hook tubing to the barb fitting and the other end to the INLET side of the carb.


You must plug the outlet fitting of the carb and any other fitting on the carb. I used these but a piece of hose and some zip ties will work as well.


Before pumping it up with air you need to know your specs for the carb you are working on.

All this can be found in your manual.

Most carb kits will come with different springs. Make sure you use the right gram spring for your application per shop manual.

The actual test are in the Seadoo Shop Manual as well as the Mikuni carb manual.