View Full Version : 2002 utopia

02-08-09, 09:12 AM
Is there any way to adjust the trim on a 2002 utopia? When I pull a tube or knee board the rider get the jet stream in there face.

02-08-09, 11:10 AM
Not very informed on trim options for your boat but have you considered letting your rope out or shortening it?

02-08-09, 12:04 PM
As your boat sits, the only thing you can adjust is your ride plate at the back. This can help if your boat tends to porpoise, but will not keep the spray out of your riders face.

There is an after market solution built by the Scott Waterjet Company. They make a hydraulic trim nozzle for the Mercury Sport Jet, but they will cost you between 1500 and 2000. The US distributor is Schlagel Marine. Google them or Scott waterjet Nozzle and you can find all the info you need.


02-08-09, 09:01 PM
Thanks for the info. Yes I have tried different rope lengths. I wish the reviews that I read before buying the boat would have mentioned this. Not worth 1-2K to stop the spray.