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02-01-09, 11:06 AM
Good Morning guys,

Im new here to the forum and this is excellent I really appreciate and am happy to find a great site like this. Anywayz. I just bought yesterday a 2002 Utopia 205 with a Mercury 250.

I have a couple of questions on it. First off, what is the correct way to flush this engine? Can i turn on the water and then start the powerhead or what.

2nd I believe I need to do some adjustment to the shift cable. When the lever is in neutral, and you look at the drive it seems to be in the forward position. Therefore i need to adjust this. Where can this be done!.


02-01-09, 12:41 PM
Hi boeing747arowair.

The Mercury engine is backwards to the Rotax engines when it comes to flushing. You must start the WATER first, then the engine. Unlike most marine engines there is no problem with water backing up into the motor when flushing. Because of this you can run the hose as long as you want without ever having to start the engine.

Also remember to never run the engine above an Idle speed when flushing on the hose. The reason for this is that is with the design of the cooling system, while back flushing it is impossible to completely fill the cooling system.

Hope that helps.:cheers:


02-01-09, 01:19 PM
thanks rookie

hey any ideas on what i said above about the shifting?

02-01-09, 01:32 PM
Sorry, I missed that.

Just disconnect the shifter cable from the reverse bucket, then remove the two bolts that hold the cable to the pump housing. Now just simply spin the adjuster on the cable and reinstall everything. Once you adjust it always try the shifter in forward and reverse to make sure there is no binding.

There is also a plastic spacer for the adjuster knob, so make sure you don't lose it.


02-01-09, 01:39 PM
One more thing. I just reread the adjustment procedure in the manual, and they recommend that you should have slight tension against the upper stop when it is set properly. Just make sure the shifter does not bind or feel to stiff when trying to shift to forward.


02-01-09, 01:45 PM
thanks man . im attachin a picture so you see what it looks like right now in the neutral position. So essentially i do not have to mess around at the helm shift control right?

http://img232.imageshack.us/img232/2540/6069357b3ffce3711c49078is0.th.jpg (http://img232.imageshack.us/my.php?image=6069357b3ffce3711c49078is0.jpg)

02-01-09, 01:55 PM
Yeah that looks a bit high for neutral, and all your cable adjustment is in the back.

If you can't adjust it properly at the nozzle the cable may be getting stretched. Just remember with any jet boat neutral is sort of a myth. If the boat wants to creep forward, just move the shift lever slightly in between neutral and reverse.


02-01-09, 02:40 PM
right, but it is defintely high. ive seen them before on the utopias and like you said it is defintely covering half the nozzle