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01-14-09, 10:23 AM
I have the 2001 Seadoo Challenger 2000 with the M2 Jet Drive 240Hp EFI motor. I love the boat and the way it handles. I bought it two years and have had a few minor problems with it. Took it out and it wouldnt start after sitting for an hour (that happened twice to me). I have taken it in for complete check through and motor has good compression and all electronic components were checked and in fine. I am using a basic Interstate deep cycle battery and someone told me I should be using a much more powerful INterstate batter is that true?

Any input on this boat would be appreciated. I am debating if I should sell it since it is in MINT shape and overall it runs fine just sometimes gives me a problem here and there. Spark plugs are all new, and fuel filter is new. Let me know what you guys think. I appreciate the information. Mike

01-15-09, 12:59 AM
What kind of no start are you referring to?? Does it crank and not fire, or not crank? If it is a no crank problem then check all the connections to make sure that they are both clean and tight, as well as have the battery load tested. (simply checking the voltage with a volt meter is not sufficient) Also your starter could have an open in one of the windings that could cause an intermittent fault.

If the motor cranks but wont fire it could be just about anything in the fuel injection system from the fuel pump, ignition module, electronic control module, ignition switch, ect.......

If the problem has only occurred twice in the time you have had the boat it may be very tough to locate.


01-15-09, 02:47 AM
You may find that this is a simple problem to fix, once you put out enough information for members to help you out. If you like the boat, then you'll be more in tune to keeping it, than selling it.

What leads up to your "no start" situation. Does it start normally, run clean (no spit or sputter) for as long as it's running, then when you shut it off, you have to wait for an hour for a restart?.........

Is there any warning signs. Any beeper sounds.........anything that might be out of the ordinary that might give us a clue? Have you noticed anything unusual in the exhaust system (more smoke than normal)?

When you take it out, does it do it all the time? Does it do it at certain RPM's or any rpm. Do you think it's running hot? Have you pressure tested the fuel system?..........

Anything you've noticed or done will be a great help in trying to solve your riddle...............:cheers:

01-20-09, 10:03 PM
This has only happened to me a couple times in the 2 years I have ownd the boat. I would be out for awhile riding then shut the boat off and it wouldnt start again. Eventually after awhile it does end up starting again. I read the service manual and noticed the battery needs to put out 600cca and i noticed my interstate deep cycle battery is utting out 400cca. Could thounis effect it?

I have had the boat gone through completely by a local seadoo marina. they found no problems. I really want to keep this boat I love it.

Any advice or information would be great.


01-21-09, 12:39 AM
The battery may be a problem if it is starting to get weak, but you still do not say what kind of no start this is. Does the boat turn over when it is trying to start or not??? You need to be more specific as to what is happening.


01-21-09, 01:02 PM
I may have experienced the same problem as you, but w/out more info it will be hard to diagnose.

This has happened to me only once, and being that, I didn't investigate further. I have the 240 EFI on my Islandia. I was out running the boat (tubing, skiing, etc) for 2-3 hours taking breaks (complete shutdown) every time we switched tubers/skiers fell/etc. On the final break, as we were preparing to head back to the house, the engine would not fire. It would turnover fine, it just wouldn't start. I tried to crank it a few times w/no luck and finally decided to wait a few minutes. This did the trick as it fired right up. Haven't had this problem since that isolated incident.

Maybe that's the same problem you had, and it will help people more qualified than me diagnose your problem.

01-21-09, 03:10 PM
It sounds like the same problem. The motor does turn over fine when it doesnt start. It almost sounds like it is not getting fuel or something. I changed the fuel filter already. It only happened a couple times. Any idea what could cause this that I could check if it happens again?

Sorry for not being specific enough on the last couple posts.

01-21-09, 03:36 PM
If you run into this again, the first quick check to do is open the engine cover an check to see if the fuel pump is running (the engine must be running or cranking for the pump to run). It is a small electric pump just above the fuel water separator. It should make an audible hum if it is running. If it isn't get some one else to crank the engine while you give the pump a tap with a screwdriver handle, or something similar. Also put a test light in you boat toolbox to make sure the pump is getting power when you are cranking it. If you are getting power, and a tap makes it go replace the pump.

If you seem to be getting fuel the next thing would be to pull a spark plug wire and make sure you have spark. This might be a pain due to the location of the plugs.


01-24-09, 03:42 PM
What about the water cooling system? I have had boat for 2 years and never had any alarms go off or anything. But when i put the hose on the boat to run it and flush it out once in awhile (no salt water use) water does not come out of back holes. Is it suppose to when just running on hose? Is there enough water pressure to push it out of there when boat is on driveway especially?

How can I test water cooling system is working properly?

01-24-09, 04:17 PM
Don't worry about water not coming out of the tell-tale on the hose. Because you are "Back" flushing the system most of the water will exit through the pick up in the pump area. If you are not getting any over heat alarms, and you have water exiting the tell-tale when in the water you are most likely fine. Also do not run the boat for more than ten minuets on the hose, and do not run it above idle speed.

If you do want to do a more in-depth test you will need a water pressure gauge that can read in increments of 1/2 psi. You need to hook the gauge up in line of the water flow at a fitting at the top of the powerhead. this test must be done with the boat in the water. The specs are at Idle 1/2 - 1 1/2 psi, and at 5800rpm with the boat on plane 13-15 psi. Pressure below specs could be an indication of a plugged inlet, or an internal leak (unlikely as the motor would not last long). Higher than normal pressure would be caused by a plugged tell-tale or steam pockets that form due to a partially plugged inlet not letting the coolant system fill right to the top.

Due to the safety factor these test should be left to a qualified mechanic. (who wants to be leaning over the motor with the engine cover open at near full speed on the water)


01-27-09, 01:55 PM
Thanks Aaron for that reply. It sounds like that probably isnt something I need to worry about to much then. I am going to try a new battery and maybe change the fuel filter since I am not sure how old that is. I have already changed the fuel/water seperater but I guess there another fuel filter that is in the fuel line is that correct?

01-27-09, 06:24 PM
Yeah there is a small inline fuel filter. I belive the Mercury part number is 35-889615.


01-29-09, 12:47 PM
Thanks....if that is clogged up that could effect gas getting in and the engine not starting right away correct? I will have to look at this.