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11-03-08, 03:58 PM
Here are some links for the owners of the Seadoo Mercury M2 engines.

The 250hp DFI:

The 240hp EFI:

The 210hp Carbed:

The 200hp DFI:
The Jet Pump:

I was informed by a member, that the links I created for the Crowley marine shop, who had parts for the Merc Seadoo boat owners, no longer work. I have checked them and they do not. I'll see if there are new ones as time permits. In the meantime, if you have a problem with your Merc powered Jet boat, you can google "Crowley" marine and give them a ring to find out if they still have parts for the Merc Powered jet boats.

There have been many owners of the Utopia, Challenger, and Islandia who have asked if I knew of any place for them to find parts. I found Crowley Marine a couple months back and have forwarded these links to them in PM. Since we do not have any parts for the Mercury engines, I have spoken with a parts rep with Crowley and found that most of their parts for the M2 engine is in stock. They also have remanafactured engines with core.

04-05-09, 04:13 PM
Anyone looking to replace damaged pump parts, or looking for performance parts for their Mercury powered boat, here are some part numbers to make finding them easier.

First, replacement intake grates to get rid of the Hydrosurge.
These are Mercury part numbers, so your local Merc dealer should be able to order them for you.
The part numbers are 852962T for a six tine fixed aluminum grate, and 854810T for an eleven tine stainless steel rock grate (should not be used in weedy areas).

Replacement performance Impellers.
Mercury performance high skew part number 47-883796T01. Again your dealer should be able to order this for you.
Solas performance impeller is part number MC-CD-22/39.

Do some Google searching, and talk to your dealer for pricing.

I have not used either of the impellers yet so I can not give you a personal review, but from what I have read they will both give you significant hole-shot improvement and mid-range acceleration. Be aware though, you may lose a couple of miles per hour on the top end with both impellers.

Hope these help.