View Full Version : utopia 4500 rpm max no top end

11-01-08, 04:16 PM
I have a 2003 Utopia 185 with the 210 m2 from Merc. Normal top end is 55MPH @ 5600 RPMs. Revs on hose to top end 5700 but when in water only gets to 4500. It used to jump out of the water and fully plain in5 seconds and accelrated to 55 MPH in 12 t0 15 seconds. I have replaced Fuel, Fuel Filter and Plugs. this Boat was an fine last time it was out (Labor Day).

I originally thought I purchase some bad fuel because I tanked up after the Labor Day outing, I have replace with new gas.

I've rebuilt the fuel pump this week and still the same when I tested it today.

Any ideas on where to go next?

I have the both Utopia parts / service manual and the Merc M2 service manual so I can keep up with the next step.

11-01-08, 06:15 PM
Check to make sure you are getting wide open throttle, and your cable is adjusted properly. Also my 200dfi has an air filter in the plastic engine cover, if yours is equipped with the same filter, make sure it is clean and the air intake is not plugged.

When the engine is at 4500 rpm does it seem nice and smooth, or is there a miss or noticeable shake? If it feels like there is a miss, you may have a plug wire, or coil that is breaking down under load.